Monday, November 01, 2004

What I Fear Most

Some thoughts on this election. What I fear:
If Kerry/Edwards win:

  1. If it is a squeaker, four years of listening to accusations of voter fraud from the Republicans.
  2. Four years of the call for Kerry to release his military records and if he does (which I doubt), the call for impeachment.
  3. Republicans saying the election was stolen (see #1).
  4. Hanging Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel out to dry.
  5. The UN becoming the fourth branch of our government, joining the executive, legislative and judicial branches.
  6. The appointment of more activist judges to the federal bench and to the Supreme Court.
  7. Increased taxes to pay for cradle to grave everything.
  8. The gloating and continued positive spin of the MSM on the Kerry Presidency.
  9. The rehabilitation of the NYT and CBS by a forgetful people.
  10. A return to treating terrorism as a law enforcement function and what happens if we capture UBL instead of killing him and his associates.
  11. An end to pre-emption and back to responding only if attacked. An occasional Tomahawk on a mud hut.
  12. John Kerry, when faced with tough and unpopular decisions, waffling and doing nothing.
  13. Teresa Heinz Kerry as First Lady.
  14. Gloating from UBL and all of the Hamas, Hezbollah and the terror community about how they deposed a President.
  15. ACORN and others will not be prosecuted because....duh.
  16. The Cabinet would look like Clintons.
  17. The Patriot Act will be emasculated.
  18. More cuts in the military and intelligence. An exodus of troops from the services because....duh.
  19. Without a friendly legislature there will continue to be a deadlock.
  20. Kofi Annan will win the Nobel Piece (of the pie) Award

If Bush/Cheney win:

  1. If it is a squeaker, four more years of hearing that the election was stolen due to fraud and disenfranchisement. (see#1 and #3 above).
  2. Continued filibusters of federal judges.
  3. Bush continuing trying to get along with Ted Kennedy.
  4. The MSM continuing to put a negative spin on every acheivement.
  5. (See #9 above).
  6. Impeachment moves by the Democrats for whatever they can think of.
  7. An even more left wing replacement for Sen. Daschle as Minority leader ala Pelosi. Teddy? nah but close.
  8. ACORN and others will not be prosecuted for fear it would seem partisan.
  9. NAACP won't like us anymore but will keep their tax exempt status because (see#8).
  10. In an effort to be "fair and balanced" I am failing to get there.
  11. Liberal judges will not retire because of which party is in control.
  12. Several Supremes will retire because of health or whatever and there will be a replay of Bork and Thomas hearings.
  13. Without a 60 vote margin in the Senate, there will continue to be a deadlock.
  14. There will be a healthcare crisis because of the shortage of medications for Democrats who will really need medication if they lose.
  15. GWB will continue to starve children and the elderly and kill innocent freedom fighters in foreign lands.
  16. Michael Moore will make more films.
  17. Alec Baldwin will still not move and George Soros will really not enter a monastery.
  18. Emimem will probably run for congress. And win.
  19. John Edwards with sue the aforementioned drug companies.
  20. David Boies will still be arguing in the Supreme Court in 2008, trying to get a recount in Miami-Dade County.