Monday, October 25, 2004

Vote Early-Vote Often

It is an old joke dating back the the Mayor Daley #1 days in Chicago. It is no longer funny as it has come to pass as a staple of the Democratic Party and it's approved MO. The daily news stories of voter fraud by the DNC, ACORN and ACT belie the fact that these are isolated incidents and "anomolies". The new DNC has taken the "win at any cost" maxim to the extreme at the risk of destroying the very fabric of the democratic process. The cost of that philosophy may indeed be the undoing of democracy and the ideal that it is founded on. Many men and women down through the years have sacrificed for the very concept of democracy and the right of a people to a free and "fair" election process, not only for this country but for others around the world. Some of the changes in the voter laws have made it a cakewalk for those intent on stuffing the boxes and has done nothing to make the election fairer. The Republicans are accused of "disenfranchising" voters because of their idea that it should also be legal. Because of questions such as:

  1. Are you a citizen of the USA?
  2. Are you a resident of this state?
  3. Have you voted before in this election?
  4. Is this your proper precinct?
  5. Is this your name and address?
  6. Do you have any identification?

According to these as proof of disenfranchisement and intimidation, I have been a victim for years in every election I have ever voted. Does anybody have a number for the ACLU? This is a serious problem at a serious time and should have been addressed 4 years ago but it seems the cure has been worse than the original ailment.