Thursday, November 04, 2004

Whining and Victimhood

I made a little promise to myself before the election that I would try not to overtly gloat if my side won and not to openly whine and complain if my side lost. My side won and I will try not to gloat too much. I visit many blogs and read many news sources. I also visit bulletin boards and post there. I have never seen the like of whining and claims of victimization by the losers in my life.

The Democratic Party and its surrogates and followers are blaming everything on everybody but their own values and tactics. It wasn't their candidate, it was the religious fanatics on the right and the homophobes. It wasn't their lack of a positive message, it was the stupidity of the unwashed masses that just "didn't get it". Michael Moore told the truth but the Swift Boat Vets lied. The main stream press were shown to be openly partisan and just another branch of the DNC and they just can't believe people would notice. They didn't realize that us hicks in the red states could even read and comprehend. They thought that the Hollywood/Rap elites would overwhelm us with their superior intellect and just can't deal with it when it turns out not to be.

We weren't supposed to notice how the left denegrated Bush for his faith and then openly campaigned in black churches and openly pandered to the minority black community. Now they blame it on the religious values crowd for losing.

The DNC and Kerry did everything they could to run down our real allies and pandered to France and Germany openly and thought we would not notice. The scandal ridden UN was touted as our savior and if we were ever going to resort to self defense it would only be after an attack and then only if we passed a global test.

Kerry waffled while Bush remained steady and nobody knew where Kerry was coming from, much less where he was going. Kerry never answered questions about the truth of his discharge, withheld his DD-214 and refused to sign the 180 release and they can't understand why we didn't trust him to be our Commander-in-Chief. The last thing the DNC and Kerry wanted to talk about was his voting record in the Senate.

The left seems to forget the old saying "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything" but that we would fall for Anything but BUSH. Very few elections are won by solely being against something or someone without being for something.

Instead of looking through the window to see their enemies and the reason for the loss, they would do well to look in the mirror and figure out where they went wrong and when. They have been hijacked and don't know it because the pilots are the hijackers. And the ground crew and flight controllers are in on it too. It's time for the passengers to take back the plane because it is headed for a mountain.