Friday, November 19, 2004

Bill Clinton "My Life" and Legacy cont.

The actual video was better. He was pointing at Jennings just as if he was getting ready to say those famous words again "I didn't have sexual relations with that woman". The man refuses to take credit for any of his faults and blames the vast RWC and Starr for everything.
The narcissism and sense of self is astounding. As some would say MUST reading.

The Associated Press
Nov. 19, 2004 - In a prime-time television
outburst, Bill Clinton ripped old nemesis Kenneth Starr and what the former
president portrayed as a gullible media eager to report every "sleazy thing"
leaked from a prosecutor bent on bringing him down.
The exchange came in an
interview with ABC news anchor Peter Jennings that aired Thursday night, hours
after Clinton opened his $165 million presidential library. Clinton blasted
Starr and spoke disdainfully of a national media that he suggested was complicit
in a scheme to ruin his presidency.
"No other president ever had to endure
someone like Ken Starr," Clinton said. "No one ever had to try to save people
from ethnic cleansing in the Balkans, and people in Haiti from a military
dictator that was murdering them, and all the other problems I dealt with, while
every day an entire apparatus was devoted to destroying him."
The former
president said he would go to his grave at peace that, while he had personal
failings, he never lied to the American people about his job as
Clinton added that he doesn't care about what his detractors think
about him. Jennings then said it seemed to him that Clinton did care.
former president responded, "You don't want to go here, Peter. You don't want to
go here. Not after what you people did and the way you, your network, what you
did with Kenneth Starr. The way your people repeated every, little sleazy thing
he leaked. No one has any idea what that's like."....more

Can we say petulant little child when refering to an ex-President? Hell yes!