Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A young Marine, wounded the day before in the face, returns to duty. Early in the day five of his unit are seriously wounded by a booby-trapped enemy body. The day before, one died of this type of incident. His brothers have been shot by white flag waving "insurgents". He and his squad have had to re-take a mosque that was taken the day before and had been re-occupied by the enemy and was producing small-arms fire on his squad. This is the picture that should be portrayed by a real reporter. Instead, we have another Abu Graib moment and an oppotunity for the left media to portray America and its soldiers as the enemy.

I can hear it now..."The inhumanity, the atrocities and the depths of perversion of the United States and its military Imperialist blah, blah blah". Margaret Hassan, Kenneth Begley and many others are just a footnote but let us see Iraqi prisoners with panties on their heads or a Marine doing what he needs to do to survive is a real atrocity!

Update: Bill at INDC Journal has much more. And he also link to me, thanks.

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Belmont Club has a story that fits this Marines worldview and the context in which they are performing.