Thursday, November 18, 2004

The New Cold War

Winds of Change.NET

Gee, I wish I had said this. Too good to pass up and should be read in full. I don't agree with all of the points made by Cicero but find this to be quite true.

O'Hehir ignores the corruption of the Europeans and their proxy the UN, who
make a mess of any meaningful application of hard or soft power. 'Soft power'
might be a euphemism for 'corruption' if it became absolute. Objectively corrupt
have become some offices of the EU and the UN: bowing at the terror master
Arafat's deathbed in France; nodding to Hamas, Saddam and Iranian nuke mullahs.
Soft power amounts to making deals. Anyone is a potential customer, regardless
of their moral standing or plain intent. Realpolitik has its place, but total
reliance on soft power may be Europe's weakness: they will deal
with the devil
, no matter who he is---the more devilish, the better the

"O'Hehir characterizes Europe as a wholly separate political universe spinning out of orbit from the United States, evolving into something smarter and with more to be optimistic about than America, which is still mired in history:...."

Considering the inflation rate, unemployment rate and GNP of the EU compared to the US I do not think smarter was the best choice of words.