Sunday, November 07, 2004

Ok, I lied

I had made a pledge to myself that I would not gloat or whine no matter the outcome of the Presidential race. I lied. So much for my mea culpa. Before I start my gloating and what may be called in some circles schadenfreude, I would like to offer some help for the poor, mis-understood and afflicted minority. We do need to reach out and offer whatever help is available. There is a group that can help in these trying times and should be used by the ones most in need. Now for my gloat. We won, you lost, it is not the end of the world and you should just get over it. Nanner, nanner nanner. Now for some advice:

  • If you are going to move to Canada or where ever, move. Don't just talk about it and then change your minds. That was your candidates problem. Take a stand dammit.
  • The Kool-aid is not a healthy choice. Do not just parrot the DU and Kos. People will laugh at you and and you will think they are laughing with you.
  • Get out more and expand your horizons. Visit exotic places and taste the culture of the aboriginies in the "middle world". There is a vast and varied world out there that needs to be explored. Ohio, Iowa and the unknown expanses of Texas and Alaska. Think of the adventure of being one of the first in your circle to discover the unwashed and stupid masses that inhabit the land known as it was in old maps "Beware, here be Dragons" and find out that armadillos and horned toads aren't really dragons and people from New Mexico are actually Americans. The South is not really an inbred re-run of Deliverence and most everyone in the red states really do know how to read.
  • The statement that I hear the most is "I don't know how we lost. I don't know anyone who voted for Bush" ( see above).
  • Get rid of the people and ideas that lost you the election. Michael Moore, George Soros, the Hollywood/Rap elites, Shrum and McCaulife and your candidates.
  • Try not to gather anymore endorsements from terrorist groups. It doesn't look good. Ranting from the likes of Sid Blumenthal, Dan Rather, E.J.Dionne, Jane Smiley and others ad nauseum is not good. People have long memories.
  • Do not send someones sister to another country to campaign against one of our allies in their election and at least drop the UN as a global partner. That global test is a real belly laugh now but was not funny then. France and Germany are not our allies. Deal with it. Don't call what allies we have, bribed, coerced and bought. They have long memories.
  • Don't send a message to our fighting men and women that they are fighting the wrong war, at the wrong time and in the wrong place. They have long memories too. Ask the Swifties and the POW's. They also vote.

  • It is not "We just failed to get our message out". Your message was heard loud and clear and rejected by 52 percent of the voters. We really did understand where you stand and dis-agreed. Deal with it.
  • Try to find viable candidates who believe in something and have the fortitude to make decisions based on what is best for the country and not on focus groups and the latest poll.
  • Listen to some of the ones in your party who reluctantly voted for Bush.