Sunday, November 28, 2004

Just a little more advice

I wrote in one of my previous rants about some advice for the losers in the last election, trying to do my part to help. Some of the advice can be recycled in an advice column to the Media.

Get out more and expand your horizons. Visit exotic places and taste the culture of the aboriginies in the "middle world". There is a vast and varied world out there that needs to be explored. Ohio, Iowa and the unknown expanses of Texas and Alaska. Think of the adventure of being one of the first in your circle to discover the unwashed and stupid masses that inhabit the land known as it was in old maps "Beware, here be Dragons" and find out that armadillos and horned toads aren't really dragons and people from New Mexico are actually Americans. The South is not really an inbred re-run of Deliverence and most everyone in the red states really do know how to read.

It seems that one of the problems with the MSM is that they only consort with people in their own little circle and cannot fathom that there may be "another world" out there that might not fit the pigeonhole scenario.