Monday, November 29, 2004

Oh Really, O'Reilly?

I watch Bill O'Reilly and his "No Spin Zone" on Fox and have always had a love/hate thing going for the star pundit. I find myself agreeing with him on some things and yelling at the TV on others. My wife thinks it is silly to yell at personalities inside a box but I just can't help it. But Bill and I have parted ways in his (probably pre-emptive self defense) taking up the cause of Dan Rather. I am not alone in this observation. Captains Quarters has a couple of thoughts that I agree with completely. More at Wizbang. Dan Rather took forged documents that he knew were questionable and ran with a story for the sole purpose of affecting an election. He was not just a talking head reading a script, he was managing editor. O'Reilly is using the airwaves to come to the defense of Rather as a way to focus attention away from his "indiscretions" and have a way of defending himself of being "slimed". Credibility has dropped to zero in this household.