Thursday, September 30, 2004

Good job France

Chrenkoff: "France gets a pat on the back from jihadis: Who says that appeasement doesn't pay?

'The Islamic Army in Iraq, holding two French hostages, praised France's stand after it called for a US-proposed conference to address the issue of a US troop withdrawal, in a statement Wednesday on the Internet.

' 'The Islamic Army in Iraq pays tribute to the French government for its
positive initiative towards the Iraqi people despite its deplorable history,'
said a statement posted on the group's website. 'We hope this heralds a new era
of comprehension of our causes and respect for our principles'.'

France understands your causes alright, such as kicking the United States in the groin. Hence, France has also come onboard the idea of an international conference on Iraq, but only as long as the US withdrawal is on the agenda, and the 'representatives of the armed opposition' are included in the discussions. By the way, the French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has been recently quoted as saying that
'[t]he Iraqi insurgents are our best allies.'

So much for the Franco-American alliance. I think I speak for all of us when I say: dear France, the next time you're invaded by one of your neighbors, feel free to call on Iraqi insurgents to save your ass."

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Help me

I'm having a hard time understanding Mr. Kerry in his interview with Diane Sawyer. He said that knowing what he knows now he would not support the invasion and toppling of Iraq and that regime. Using that train of thought, knowing what we know now the words "Tora Tora Tora " would have never been uttered because we would have seen into the future and prevented Pearl Harbor. If the Japanese, knowing what they know now, they would never have awakened the sleeping tiger. This is the most idiotic train of thought, and it is being ignored by the MSM and their educated best. As soon as I can get a transcript of the Kerry/Sawyer exchange I will post it.
Update: full transcript is not yet available but ...

Sept. 28, 2004 — In his only interview before the crucial first presidential debate, Sen. John Kerry speaks exclusively to Diane Sawyer about his thoughts on the war in Iraq and the public's perception of him.

Following is an excerpt of the interview with the Democratic presidential candidate:
For more of the interview, watch Good Morning America on Wednesday, Sept. 29, and Thursday, Sept. 30, at 7 a.m. ET.
DIANE SAWYER: Was the war in Iraq worth it?

We should not have gone to war knowing the information we know
SAWYER: If it turns out OK ... it was worth it?
We have to succeed now that we've done. Look, we have to succeed.
There are more terrorists in Iraq today then there were before, and you can't
allow it to become an unstable regime that's a haven for terrorism. I've laid
out a plan for success. I am not the president today. But each step of the way,
I've laid out a plan for success, and each step of the way the president had
always been following — always later, never the one who is initiating the things
to make it successful. He's gotten us into this mess. It was his decision as to
when to go, his decision as to how to go, his decision not to listen to his own

Monday, September 27, 2004

Troops Demoralized?

Jed Babbin on John Kerry, Troops & Iraq on National Review Online: "Troops Demoralized?
Not yet, but they will be if Kerry has his way.

President George W. Bush says that Senator John Kerry is demoralizing our troops by sending mixed signals and flip-flopping on the war. In response, Kerry says that the president is 'living in a make-believe world, unwilling to tell the truth or understand the situation in Iraq.' President Bush has " by far " the better half of the argument, but he misses the point about why what Kerry says is damaging. "......more.

Good News From Iraq

Another in an excellent series on some of the things we don't get from the mainstream media, by Arthur Chrenkoff. It is in part published at Opinion Journal and is well worth the read as well as is his blog. This is 11th in a series. It is in direct contradiction of what is being touted in the MSM such as "NewsWeek" .
Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi echoed these sentiments recently when he spoke before the United States Congress: "I have seen some of the images that are being shown here on television. They are disturbing. They focus on the tragedies, such as the brutal and barbaric murder of two American hostages this week... Yet, as we mourn these losses, we must not forget either the progress we are making or what is at stake in Iraq. We are fighting for freedom and democracy, ours and yours. Every day, we strengthen the institutions that will protect our new democracy, and every day, we grow in strength and determination to defeat the terrorists and their barbarism."

There are two Iraqs at the moment; both equally real and consequential. The Iraq of never ending strife - the insurgency, terrorism, crime, and all too slow pace of reconstruction makes for interesting news stories and exciting footage. The Iraq of steady recovery, returning normalcy and a dash of hope rarely does...Chrenkoff

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Voter Fraud in Wisconsin

Power Line: "Voter Fraud in Wisconsin
Reader Thomas Chiappetti sent us a link to this piece by Mark Belling on the groundwork that the Democrats are laying to commit voter fraud on a massive scale in Wisconsin:
An outfit called the 'New Voter Project' claims to be nonpartisan but is being bankrolled and staffed by leftists. The organization is already active in Wisconsin and already involved in trouble. Thousands of 'voters' registered by this group in the last few weeks have submitted registration forms without the legally required proof of identification. This has forced village and city clerks all over the region to send out notices asking for the information.
Virtually none of the forms sent out by the local clerks to the shady registrants have been responded to. The only plausible explanation for that is that the 'voters' not only aren't voters but aren't real people, either.
Here's the method to the New Voter Project madness. In Wisconsin, you can register to vote at the polls on Election Day. You have to produce identification when you register. But sending in a phony registration in advance puts you on the voter list before the election. Already-registered voters don't have to show any identification. By putting perhaps thousands of fake names on the voter lists, it will be possible for fraudsters to show up at the polls and simply claim to be the person who was already 'registered.'
One former employee of the New Voter Project has told me that many staffers simply took names out of the telephone book to fill out their daily quotas. He quit his job in fear there'd be a criminal investigation. ".........

Saturday, September 25, 2004

911 Report

Just in case some have not read this report, you can get it at the link posted. It is pdf format and can be downloaded in its enitety or a chapter at a time. If you have limited memory, read a chapter, delete and read the next. It reads more like a good book than a government publication and is very informative and interesting. I meet a lot of people on the streets and on line with questions that are answered in the report. History that we lived through.

The Command Post - Op-Ed - Interview With Gen. Michael DeLong

The Command Post - Op-Ed - Interview With Gen. Michael DeLong This is an intersting interview with one of the ground commanders in Iraq.I is an insiders view of what is happening, not filtered by the MSM but with warts and all. This is what we need more of.

Gee, who woulda thunk it? "MARK STEYN ON THE PRESS:" This is just another indication of the bankrupt press and the left leaning myopia in this years election campaign.

Denis Boyles on EuroPress on National Review Online

Denis Boyles on EuroPress on National Review Online has a world to say about Kerry's UN and the recent peacekeeping record of that august institution including the part of the "military hotpants" wearing French. It is an excellent read and should be part of the political discourse and refered to in any mention of the UN and the French helping us out in Iraq. It will never happen in the MSM but we could wish. JFK is putting a large part of his campaign eggs in this flimsy basket, carried by a very limp wrist.

Friday, September 24, 2004

lgf: democracy, whisky, sexy!

lgf: democracy, whisky, sexy!: "First John Kerry attacks Iraqi PM Allawi.
Then Kerry supporters Hizballah pile on: Iraq P.M.?s Handshake With Israel F.M. ?shameful?, Says Hezbollah.
BEIRUT, Sept 24 (AFP) - Lebanese militant group Hezbollah described as ?shameful? Friday a handshake between Iraq?s US-backed prime minister and the Israeli foreign minister at the United Nations in New York.
?The behaviour of the Iraqi interim prime minister is shameful and a flagrant sign of one of the main reasons behind the American-led war against Iraq, that is, get Iraq out of the Arab and Islamic worlds and put it under the influence of American-Zionist policy,? the Shiite militia said.
Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom had a brief exchange at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, where the Iraqi and Israeli delegations had been placed next to each other, in alphabetical order.
?We refuse this handshake which is a complete humiliation for Iraq?s people, its history, its culture and its Islamic and national engagement, and which, at the same time, makes little of the suffering of the Palestinian people and the feelings of Arabs and Muslims around the world,? the Hezbollah statement said."

A Toe in the Water

This is my first attempt at setting up a blog and would ask for a little patience. This post will have nothing of substance and will be my most (hopefully) bland one. I have been surfing and lurking in the blogoshere for some time and thought I might as well get my feet wet.

Heard Here

Heard Here

This is something that I feel very strongly about. Dan Rather and CBS have been doing fraudulent "news" items for years.