Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Undecided Voters. Who are these People?

I am having a hard time figuring out who this voting bloc is. Less than one month from a Presidential election, with all of the campaigning and data available on both candidates, true and false, who are these people? Are they ignorant, uninformed, likely voters or just newly registered voters? If they are ignorant or uninformed, there is a cure for that. It's called education on what is going on and who stands for what. If they are likely voters, (I'm not sure what that means from one poll to another)I would say get a grip and make a decision for crying out loud. If they are newly registered in one of the fraudulent voter drives by the DNC, I don't worry too much. Unless those are promised cigarettes or a buck for showing up and voting, most will stay home and the only ones who will benefit are those who were paid to register them.

I actually liked this perspective from an admitted Liberal Democrat Gersh Kuntzman of Newsweek.

But who is this undecided voter? If you ask me, he's a moron, but if you ask a senior Kerry advisor, you'll get a more diplomatic answer. The undecided voter, the unnamed source told The New York Times last week, is "a relatively low-information, relatively disengaged political person." I'll stick with my definition for the time being--but regardless of what you want to call them, this group of people, who can't choose a side in the clearest ideological choice since the Reagan-Mondale landslide in 1984, will decide who the next president is.

He goes on to say:

And no one really knows who they are. Depending on which pollster you listen to, the undecided voter is either a 28-year-old, hyper-informed, media-savvy, female academic who cares about the environment, isn't particularly religious and favors gun control or a 36-year-old, doltish, unemployed male gym teacher who drives a pickup truck, goes to church every day and has the Second Amendment tattooed on his chest. (Perhaps the Election of 2004 is just a reality TV show to bring these two star-crossed lovers together.)

The so-called experts don't even know how many undecideds there are.

I loved this one though from the undecided Micah Holquist who is for Bush . So am I but that does not make me undecided...???

I think I may be discumbobulated, does that make me undecided as well as someone who cannot spell discumbobulated?