Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I have not posted in a few days, mainly because I have been overwhelmed with news. If you can call what is available news. I am struck by the hatred and vitriol that has become the political landscape as well as the obvious attempts of voter fraud and the number of lawyers hired by both sides. I stopped counting the number of cases in my e-mail Google alert of news accounts about the DNC, Acorn and Act frauds mentioned in the news. To top that off, here comes some "international observers" to make sure everything is on the up and up. Kerry just keeps piling up foreign leaders who endorse him and will be known for his friends. As for the hate shown, I cannot remember even Nixon receiving the kind of vitriol aimed at Bush by supposed leaders of the opposition party and its surrogates.

The fear mongering and race baiting have reached a new high (or low) considering the draft scare, the Social Security scare and the disenfranchised black voter fraud. As near as I can tell from what is considered by some to be intimidation are such things as asking potential voters "Are you a U.S. citizen?". "Do you have proof that you are who you say you are?" "Do you live at this address?" "Is this the correct precinct?" "Have you voted already in this election?" "Where is your registration card?" Hell, that means I have been intimidated in every election I have voted in. Where's my lawyer?

Another thing that is on my mind is the lack of media coverage of the good news coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. If you haven't done it yet, go to the Arthur Chrenkoff blog and peruse the series he has done for the Wall Street Journal. Hammorabi also has a bunch of links to Iraqi Bloggers and stop by the Mudville Gazette for those stories and links to soldiers in the theater.

Another hat tip to Chrenkoff for this update about Kerry's voodoo politics and his take on this whole mess.

Gore's mistake, of course, was that he did not win the election. It had
absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he didn't claim victory and thus
created some sense of inevitability in public mind about the Bush presidency. It
had everything to do with the fact that the Supreme Court decided recount was in
order, and Gore lost that recount. To argue in effect that both the Supreme
Court decision and the recount result would have somehow been different if Gore
just kept banging his fist on the table insisting that he is the real president
is not just dishonest, it's delusional. It's voodoo politics. It shows that the
Democrats still live in a universe where the Republicans can't possibly win the
elections so they have to steal them, and where the will of the people is not
really expressed through the ballot on the day, but through maintaining the rage
before and after the poll. In Kerryverse, he who screams the loudest, wins