Sunday, October 17, 2004

My Goodness, Harsh Tactics used at Gitmo.

The New York Times > Washington > Broad Use of Harsh Tactics Is Described at Cuba Base. This is making me cry. Ok, they are crocodile tears, but still tears. The people that have been detained at Gitmo are terrorists or fighters or conspirators who have done everything in their power to kill Americans and her allies. One paragraph stated...

David Sheffer, a senior State Department human rights official in the
Clinton administration who teaches law at George Washington University, said the
procedure of shackling prisoners to the floor in a state of undress while
playing loud music - the Guantánamo sources said it included the bands Limp
Bizkit and Rage Against the Machine, and the rapper Eminem - and lights clearly
constituted torture. "I don't think there's any question that treatment of that
character satisfies the severe pain and suffering requirement, be it physical or
mental, that is provided for in the Convention Against Torture,'' Mr. Sheffer
Hell, if I had to listen to that, I'd crack in a heartbeat. Talk about torture and cruel and unusual punishment. Not only that, they are apparently trying to make them fat by feeding them Big Mac's, degrade their "morals" with R rated movies And worse, letting them use tobacco.
The sources portrayed a system of punishment and reward, with prisoners
who were favored for their cooperation with interrogators given the privilege of
spending time in a large room nicknamed "the love shack'' by the guards. In that
room, they were free to relax and had access to magazines, books, a television
and a video player and some R-rated movies, along with the use of a water pipe
to smoke aromatic tobaccos. They were also occasionally given milkshakes and
hamburgers from the McDonald's on the base.
The Pentagon said the information
gathered from the detainees "has undoubtedly saved the lives of our soldiers in
the field,'' adding: "And that information also saves the lives of innocent
civilians at home and abroad. At Guantánamo we are holding and interrogating
people that are a clear danger to the U.S. and our allies and they are providing
valuable information in the war on terrorism.''
I see some serious work ahead for John Edwards. If he loses the election he will make a fortune with a class action suit representing these poor people.