Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Have been taking a little time off from blogging because of indigestion caused by trying to absorb so much this week. The article in the New York Times Magazine by Matt Bai has taken the blogosphere by storm and is finally a look at the real Mr. Kerry. After reading a plethora of blogs on this including but not limited to The Belmont Club, the musings of Hewitt, Simon and Johnson plus many more I just suffered overload.

Power Line has a transcript of Rudy Giuliani and his take on the article that is worth reading. Add to this what the American Spectator in it's article "the American Chamberain" had to say about this and it becomes clear that the would-be Emperor has no clothes. Off to take bicarb, back later.

On another front, the continued violence against GOP headquarters continues and is a sad commentary of what some people will do to intimidate instead of convince people. Sadly reminiscent of Brown Shirts of a different era.