Thursday, October 07, 2004

ISG and the UN = Kerry Folly

This may be one of those long rants, diatribes or hissy fits. After having read parts of the 1000 page Duelfer report aka the ISG and reading some of the spin of the Democrats and the main stream media (MSM)I find myself throwing things and talking to inanimate objects. For a different perspective and a more articulate way to say what needs to be said,I have gone to the ones who can fill that void until I can get my composure back. Ok, I'm calmer now. I also looked up the spelling of discombobulated and the definition. I was and still am. The report does more for the "Bush Doctrine" and actions than it does for the "Kerry Doctrine" In fact, it shoots the Kerry plan out of the water. For those who read past the headlines and get into the guts of this report it will become clear, but I doubt that the electorate will get past the spin and the headlines. It will be our loss and a serious loss if this is left to the MSM to do the "reporting".

One such voice is not needing my excerpt to give anyone a flavor of this debate. Another insightful look at the spin being given is at the LGF site and should be read by all. Another site and opinion with sources and excellent insight, with more links and views is the always powerful PowerLine. Glen Reynolds at Slate has another view worth reading.

This ISG report coupled with what is coming out about the Oil for Food scandal in the UN puts the lie to the Kerry "multilateralism" approach.

I'm sure this will not be a one post item with me. I have been anti-UN for quite some time and will continue to follow the folly.