Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Voter Fraud and more on Oil-for-Food

It just keeps on keeping on. The folks at ChronWatch have a good insight and overview of what is happening on the fraud watch.

Democrats, for the most part, feel that every vote should be counted, as
anything less would be a theft of someone's civil rights. The ''law''
become an afterthought--if not always in application, then certainly in

Republicans, by
large, want every vote counted as well, but within the law, as voting is
considered a privilege as well as a legal right.
According to this dispatch, one of the main culprits is ACORN :

Groups like the Association Communication Organization for Reform Now
(ACORN), and the Citizens for Consumer Justice are both well connected to
Democratic Party and its agenda. ACORN claim’s to have registered
70,000 new voters in Pennsylvania this year.

Ohio is also
investigating possible voter fraud in Hamilton County and Columbus.
the party to alleged fraud is ACORN. While the numbers to
date of possible
voter fraud are so far small, 19 registrations, the
possibilities for many more
are enormous. ACORN has registered over 1
million new voters nationwide,
including some 158,000 in Ohio

Many more have been documented and a simple search on Google will bring up more than you can digest. There I go again, talking about digestion.

The same search for Oil for Food will also show many stories and much knashing of teeth. You will even find a lame Cheney/Haliburton connection. That one is humorous for it's lameness.