Thursday, October 14, 2004

Media outs itself

What has always been obvious about the liberal bias of the main media outlets for years but was denied and at least couched in nuance and slant has become flagrant and "in your face". It seems that the CBS fiasco has given the broadcast media a feeling of carte' blanc when it comes to openly coming out of the closet and actively campaigning for Kerry and Company. No longer are the front pages slanted with editorial comments and innuendo or the broadcast media "news" programs just tilted enough to maintain deniability, it is blatant and shrill. On CNN Paula Zahn site touting her town halls meeting schedule is a poll on what you think the bulge in Bushes jacket was during debate #1. Tonights show, which I watched with chagrin, Cheney's daughter (no not that one) was one of the guests. It was shameful and obvious how this was a setup although Ms. Cheney did very well. This is only one example but if I linked all of them this post would be solid links. This President is indeed playing against a stacked deck with the DNC, 527's ala Soros, and the MSM. I still have a good feeling that the American people see the same things that I do, the voting fraud, the draft scare, the race baiting and the other thing going on by the DNC and friends. The thing is, when talking about Kerry/Edwards is that no matter how expensive or famous the tailor/designer, a suit is just that, an empty suit.

More: The hit piece on the Swift Boat Vets on Nightline is a case in point. In it's "Nightline Goes to Vietnam" The send a film crew to Nam. They do not interview any of the Swifties but goes halfway around the world to find VC that might remember a particular day and a particular Lt. JG Kerry. They don't even take the time to read Brinkley's Tour of Duty or the Boston Globes account, both in Kerry's own words and from his recollections. Powerline has a good take on this story with more links.
Couple this with Halperins memo and the the plot becomes clear. Their "investigation" puts the lie to not only the vets story but Kerrys as well. I guess Kerry was just collateral damage.