Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Roosting Chickens...Roper v Simmons Revisited

Yesterday a 17 year old Neo-Nazi Native American (I'm serious) donned a bulletproof vest, took up several firearms of his police Sgt. grandfather, killed his grandfather and another woman, an unarmed security guard at his school, a teacher and five students along with wounding several more. Asking one student if he believed in God prior to shooting him to death, Jeff Weise, a 17 year old student who refered to himself as Todesengel "The Angel of Death" in German commited suicide after a shootout with police.

If this scum had not ended his own life and was brought to trial for this heinous premeditated crime, he would be given at a maximun life in prison and the probability is high that it would be with the possibility of parole. Why? Because the Supreme Court of the United States passed Roper v Simmons using foreign law and standards.
Thank you Justice Kennedy etal.