Friday, March 11, 2005

Another Italian reporter update from Germany

An Open Letter to the Editors and Staff at

(Please note: has positively responded to our open letter. We have translated their letter and posted it below. The original German version of the letter has been published next to the German version of our open letter at Medienkritik Online.)

By using the word “murdered” you are once again rushing to judge the United States and its citizens. You are declaring US soldiers guilty of murder with absolutely no factual evidence to back your assertions. It would seem that to Stern, the US soldiers involved in the incident are guilty until proven innocent. And, in a broader sense, it would seem that Stern is portraying Americans are a suspect race of “Tätervolk” not be trusted
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Here is the letter we received from, translated by Ray. quickly made the right decision. Kudos!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

We just received your critique of the named article “Fire and Bullets
Rained Down on Us.” We thank you for your critical accompaniment of our online offering.

Your critical objection to the use of the term “murdered” in the context of
the, to this point, unresolved death of Nicola Calipari is absolutely
appropriate. We would like to apologize in the name of the editorial
staff for the lack of care in the editing of the text.

The article has been worked over in the meantime and the choice of
words has been accordingly corrected.

For this clear – but hopefully one-time mistake – we would like to
request once again that you excuse us and remain with friendly greetings,



Update Heh.