Monday, March 21, 2005

Note to Vicente Fox...Kiss Off

The illegal immigration problem on our borbers has been a burr under my saddle for some time. George Bush seems ambivelant at best and in favor of it at worst. There seems to be civilians that are willing to give a helping hand to the Border Patrol on our southern border in a legal way and Vicente Fox is threatening to sue in international court to protect the rights of his citizens to immigrate illegally. Bill Preston at Junkyard Blog has a good post on this. And there is this from Senator Jon Kyle of Arizona.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - U.S. Senator Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.) today urged Mexican President Vicente Fox to respect the United States' right to defend its borders and "demonstrate perhaps a little less disdain for the rule of law north of the border."

"I agree with President Fox that it is unacceptable for civilian groups to take the law into their own hands, and that individuals who volunteer to help the Border Patrol in a lawful way must guard against extremism in their ranks," Kyl said. "But at the same time, President Fox does not appear to grasp the high level of frustration over illegal immigration in states like Arizona, and his pre-emptive threats to file lawsuits on behalf of those crossing the border unlawfully is hardly helpful, since it presumes that illegal aliens have more of a right to break American law than American citizens have to peacefully assist authorities in enforcing it."

He goes on...

Moreover, Kyl called Fox's recent ridicule of border walls, such as a new "triple fence" planned for San Diego, "downright insulting."

"For one thing, the United States is a sovereign nation that has every right to protect our borders, as other countries do, without baseless accusations of 'discrimination'. The process for entering the United States legally is straightforward and not terribly difficult - deterrence measures like walls only discriminate against those who intend to break the law."

Fox recently claimed in an interview that security along the border was "as high a priority for (Mexico) as it is for the United States," and that Mexico has been "very cooperative" with U.S. officials on security measures to create an "orderly flow" of legal immigrants and commerce across the border."

Bill goes even further, maybe to an exteme in his invasion theme..." As for the Bush administration's approach, an administration that actually cares about security would meet Fox's threat to sue American citizens with a heavy sanctions regime, and an escalating system of penalties up to and including threatening a military occupation of northern Mexico."

Preston has much more and one should read the whole thing. Michelle Malkin has more and has been following the illegal immigration issue for a long time.