Friday, March 11, 2005

Another hole in the dike.

Apple Computer has the right to subpoena the electronic records of a Web site that published items about unreleased product, a judge ruled Friday.

This is from ZD Net news and does not bode well for the blogger world or for free speech in general. What is this going to do to the 'whistle blowers" and news in general. If this were a national security question I would have maybe a different outlook on this.

Code for journalists--however defined--or anyone else."

The judge delayed the enforcement of the ruling for seven days to provide time for an appeal. An attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which is representing two of the sites being sued, said he would ask a higher court to overturn the ruling.

"Case law shows that subpoenaing a journalist must be a last resort," said EFF attorney Kurt Opsahl. "Apple did not use this as a last resort, but did only a perfunctory investigation before going on to subpoena the journalists."

Jeff Jarvis at the Buzz Machine has thoughts on this as well.