Monday, March 14, 2005

Giulana Sgrena Reminds Me of...

Giulana Sgrena Reminds Me of...Bagdad Bob. She has more versions of a story and even less credibility with every telling. LGF points us to this latest from the Italian media about this darling of the day.

(AGI) - Rome, March 11 - “I want the government to investigate on what happened”, said Giuliana Sgrena, in an interview with Spanish TV broadcast by Sky TG24, her first ever since she was freed. “The government is looking at various accounts of the facts”, she said, “but my account coincides with the one provided by the car driver, who also survived. We demand concrete answers on what really happened. Obviously an inquiry commission will be set up. I do have faith in them. What happened was just terrible. Our questions need to be addressed. And not only by the Italian government, but by Mr Bush himself. Sure, we won’t come to the truth, but let’s hope that at least this time around, they do everything in their power to have a plausible account. The man who was killed was Nicola Calipari, one of Italy’s best secret services agents. His death has moved the country”. To this regard, she further added, “I don’t know whether (the US soldiers) did it on purpose. I just think their behaviour was unacceptable. And not just cuz I was in that car, but cuz Nicola was killed. We were in an area monitored by American troops, close to the airport. Obviously Iraqi guerrillas couldn’t get there, and even if there had been any of them in our car, the soldiers’ behaviour would still be unacceptable. You can’t shoot point blank on a car and on the people riding in it. We weren’t given any notice, nor were we told to stop. Had they told us to and had we refused to comply, then their reaction would have been explainable. But that just wasn’t the case. Similar episodes occur every day. Americans shoot at cars, for no reason. This time, though, they had no excuses. They should have known we were riding. That’s why I demand answers. I’d like to know why the US tank was not informed we were passing through. We didn’t even notice it”, she concluded.