Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Potpourri...UN, Torture, Tsunami, Al Qaeda

For an insightful look at the UN's roll in the ongoing disaster relief effort in the far east, check out the fellas at the Diplomad. They have several posts on what the UN is doing and what the US, Australia, Japan and the "core group" are doing. Caution, blood pressure meds are recommended before reading. The humor is as good as the sarcasm.

The Belmont Club has a good post on "torture" and its role or lack of a role in todays world. My only problem with the piece is that they are discussing the type of traditional torture that we all used to associate with that term. The term torture as used by the MSM and the far left is now meant to include A.) Not enough nap time. B.) Not providing a Barcolounger to subjects during questioning. C.) Not providing the detainees with the O.J. Dream Team. D.) No cable or satellite feeds of Al Jazeera in cells.. but I digress . They make a good point about the effect on this controversy in regard to upcoming confirmation hearing for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Arthur Chrenkoff, as always, has an excellent post. This one is on the tsunami and the disaster relief efforts underway with many links worth following. Arthur, being an Aussie is close to the action and has proved time and again his talent of putting it all together.

Bill Roggio over at The Fourth Rail has a post on the security and possible vulnerability of our people envolved in the rescue efforts with the possible opportunity for Al Qaeda to strike us over there while we are involed with saving lives. Here is an exerpt from the article...

The size and scope of the crisis may necessitate the dispersal of the USS
Abraham Lincoln Strike Group and the 15th MEU, and may create an opportunity for
terrorists to strike at American forces while operating in a humanitarian
assistance posture. The South Asia Analysis Group
(SAAG) foresees such a possibility
, particularly because U.S. forces will be
operating in nations where terrorist groups have a presence (hat tip to Rantburg).
13. The
large-scale deployment of highly visible US troops in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and
Thailand could make them attractive targets for Al Qaeda, the Jemmah Islamiyah
and other jihadi terrorist organisations and add to the internal security
problems of the affected countries. It would be wishful-thinking to believe that
because of the enormous tragedy, the jihadi terrorists will refrain from acts of
terrorism in the Tsunami-ravaged countries due to a fear that this could
antagonise the local population. They have never cared for public opinion and
fears of public revulsion have never been an inhibiting factor for them.
The tragedy in Thailand has not prevented the jihadi terrorists from continuing
with their acts of terrorism in the Muslim majority provinces of southern

Read it all, it is worth your time, really.

The Junkyard Blog has more about the "Politics of Torture" and why it should or should not be a subject of the Senate confirmation hearings. Included are some of the thoughts of our favorite gay rights advocate Andrew Sullivan. I think the term "tied at the hip to the Dems" is a good description of Sullivans take on the hearings. heh.