Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I saw a O' Factor last night and was not paying a lot of attention. (as usual) and caught what I thought was a suggestion that Clinton replace Annan as Sec.Gen. of the UN. I thought it was a joke and made in a sarcastic moment as bait for Mr. Holbrook, who was the guest. As I've stated here before, I run hot and cold on O'Reilly but come to find out he was serious. This AM I look for a story about it to see if what I heard was from too much beer or that is what he really said. Yep, that's what he said. Back in February of 2003 there were reports of a "major international move" to engineer Clinton into the post. In October, a United Press International report said Clinton "definitely wants to do it." According to the report, Clinton's candidacy would receive overwhelming support from U.N. member states, particularly in the Third World. O'Reilly, you never cease to amaze.