Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Very Interesting

This will be a short post but with a few interesting reads about the NSA kerfuffle and the "Bush Lied" screed from some unexpected places. The first comes from the NYT op-ed column by David Rivkin and Lee Casey on the law applicable to the NSA terrorist eavesdropping program: "Unwarranted complaints."
The next is from the WSJ by Robert Turner. Both excellent reads, so take your time and absorb the information.
The "Bush Lied" screed is addressed by the Chicago Tribune. I wonder if anyone is listening to this or are they like the monkey with his hands over his ears and doesn't want to hear what he doesn't like.

Also interesting is this new poll from Rassmussen:

December 28, 2005--Sixty-four percent (64%) of Americans believe the National Security Agency (NSA) should be allowed to intercept telephone conversations between terrorism suspects in other countries and people living in the United States. A Rasmussen Reports survey found that just 23% disagree.

Sixty-eight percent (68%) of Americans say they are following the NSA story somewhat or very closely.

Just 26% believe President Bush is the first to authorize a program like the one currently in the news. Forty-eight percent (48%) say he is not while 26% are not sure.