Friday, December 30, 2005

It is about time

It was announced today by the White House that the Justice Department is launching an investigation into who leaked the top secret NSA intellegence gathering program to the media. Earlier the Gray Lady made a big deal out of "Who outed Valerie Plame" thinking that it had to be someone in the White House and cried about the dire consequences to Natioal Security and then the dear old gal herself outed the covert CIA flights and the black ops detention centers for terrorists and then this NSA story without blinking so much as an eye about damaging "National Security". The NY Post had a good editorial about the actions of the "Paper of Record" where it had this to say.

Does The New York Times consider it self a law unto itself — free to subversively undercut basic efforts by any government to protect and defend its citizens?

The Times, it appears, is less concerned with promoting its dubious views on civil liberties than with undercutting the Bush administration. The end result of the paper's flagrant irresponsibility: Lives have been put in danger on the international, national and local levels.

The ability of the nation to perform the most fundamental mission of any government — protection of its citizens — has been pointlessly compromised.

The Jayson Blair and Judith Miller fias coes were high-profile embarrass ments for The Times, but at the end of the day mostly damaged the newspaper alone.

The NSA, CIA and NYPD stories are of a different order of magnitude — they place in unnecessary danger the lives of U.S. citizens.

The New York Times — a once-great and still-powerful institution — is badly in need of adult supervision.

The NYT cited current and former members of the intellegence community as its source. These sources need to be found and prosecuted to the fullest exent of the law. The NYT and the Washington Post have both been shown to care nothing for our security and only for what damage they can do to Bush and Company. The worst thing that can happen to a newspaper is to lose its crediblity and the two mentioned along with the LAT are certainly working on that.
From Ed Morrissey :
In another attempt to find something sinister to hang onto the Bush administration, another secret program constituting a major part of the war on terror has been exposed by another member of the Exempt Media. This time, the Washington Post uses its contacts in the CIA to expose an umbrella program called GST, the code for a loose affiliation of dozens of programs designed to locate and fight terrorists abroad rather than wait for them to show up here. Nothing about the article stands out as a smoking gun, it never alleges anything specifically illegal, but Dana Priest writes the front-pager as a warning that the President has gone out of control in defending the US from attack Reading the lengthy article, it becomes clear that the sources feeding this to the Post come from the CIA. Not only does the article expose Langley programs exclusively, the entire end of the article is dedicated to the whining of CIA personnel over their public image.

If Porter Goss can't clean out this cesspool then Congress should. It seems the only successful black ops this CIA can succeed in, is against our own Government. As I have said before, the CIA and our entire intellegence community seems to have more leaks than an Iraqi sewer. Some super secret bunch of spooks we have entrusted the security of our country to.