Thursday, December 22, 2005

Speaking of a Quagmire

It seems from all I have been reading that the Democrats have found themselves in a querulous quagmire politically on the NSA position along others that they have taken. From what I can glean from those much more qualified than I am, the warrantless searches being talked about is not only legal but common when talking about international intelligence gathering. John Hinderaker has one of the most extensive posts on it to date. Scroll down on their site and read much more on this issue. The is also an interesting link to Harvard Law Review article by Professors Curtis Bradley and Jack Goldsmith: "Congressional Authorization and the War on Terrorism."

It seems that the Democratic Party leadership and talking points are not being produced "in house", rather they are being written by the NYT etal. First the non story of the flushed Koran, then lately the NSA story followed by the revelation that the FBI was surveillance the ELF/ALF and their support groups (egad, the horror) and that even the NYPD was sending undercover cops into demonstrations in NY. The New York Times has reported leaks about the covert CIA flights, the covert detention facilities and now the NSA legally spying on foreign communications and they seem to be proud of it. Where is the outrage about the leaks and the leakers ala Valerie Plame? Whose side are these people on?
Ed Morrissey writes: "This series of articles show just how much that leftists want to return to a 9/10 world, where the evils of society comprise the government agents that want to protect the US from terrorists instead of the terrorists themselves. New Yorkers, at least those at the Times, appear to have forgotten why a huge gaping hole exists in Lower Manhattan. They either forgot or stopped caring about "connecting the dots", a phrase that they used to castigate these same security forces for not divining the intent of Mohammed Atta and al-Qaeda prior to 9/11 -- but now resolutely oppose and expose the very methodology which would allow them to see the 'dots' in the first place."
I could not agree more.
ht to OBT for the link.