Saturday, December 04, 2004

Bozone Awards

I have decided to post an occasional list of those who have their head in this substance surrounding stupid people that stops bright ideas from penetrating to include otherwise brilliant people who have stupid ideas. I hope to get input from friends and other bloggers. Candidates will be chosen for past and present transgressions.

  1. John McCain and Russ Feingold for the Campaign Finance Reform fiasco.
  2. Soldiers or their friends/family posting embarassing pictures on an on-line hosting site where the media can find them.
  3. The DNC for keeping Terry McAuliffe as long as they did and considering Howard Dean as his replacement.
  4. Comcast for putting Jesse Jackson on the Board of Directors.
  5. CBS for not taking their medicine thus prolonging the illness.
  6. Jacque Chirac and the French for reasons too numerous to mention.
  7. Athletes using steroids. Women don't like seeing ex-jocks with breasts.
  8. Michael Moore fans.
  9. PETA
  10. Me, for having this dumb idea.