Monday, December 27, 2004

Body blow to Iraq Elections...Give me a Hanky

Listening to the news I heard a talking head stating that the recent decision of the major Sunni political party has decided to not participate in the upcoming elections, citing "security concerns". This was called a "body blow to the election process". Give me a friggin' break. It's the Sunni and Ba'athist factions that are causing the "security concerns". If they want better security, turn on the terrorists and root them out instead of giving active support to the bastards, or even tacit support. If they don't want to participate in the elections, fine. Leave them out there to twist in the wind and let the Iraqi people who want a free, democratic country vote for it.

The body blow comment was so laughable I thought that if the Green party in the States decided to "not participate" in an election, what a devestating blow that would be to our election process. What if the KKK decided to not participate? Horror of horrors. You get my point. Have a happy New Year and let's hope the new year in Iraq starts on January 30, 2005 as scheduled.