Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Post-Mortem

There seems to be a bunch of these going around the net about "what went wrong?". Most of the gnashing of teeth, rending of clothes and keening while taking the mantle of sack cloth and ashes can be understood. Wrong, but understood. The Republican Party has no one to blame but themselves and the people we sent to Washington. It was, in my opinion, not a failure of the conservative agenda and conservative ideas but a failure of our elected representatives to follow that philosophy. They fell into the trap of feeling safe, bullet proof and their future was insured by their incumbent status. The same hubris that caused the downfall of the Democrats in the 1994 elections. My only consolation is that they recieved a message that they ignore to their own peril and that the ones who kicked their ass were for the most part running on a conservative, albeit Democratic, agenda. We will see is the new class of Blue Dog Democrats can walk the talk and not succumb to the Pelosi, Rangel, Conyers, Waxman ilk and the other far left side of the Party leadership.

More: Another few random thoughts come to mind about the reasons we lost. Our Representatives and Senators didn't seem to have the cojones to fight for what they supposedly believed. They didn't act as leaders and a majority and just wanted to get along and be popular with the inside the beltway crowd of pundits, and their constituents who sent them there be damned. I hope that the ones left learn something about not only talking the talk but walking the walk

Update: Hugh Hewitt has it about right. As does Peter Mulhern. Both are exceptional statements of the point I was so poorly trying to articulate.