Thursday, November 02, 2006

It's not Viet Nam, If we leave they will follow

From the American Thinker comes this thought provoking article on the consequences of a cut and run policy in Iraq. It is definately something to keep in mind when considering your vote on November 7.

It doesn’t matter how we got there. It doesn’t matter how you think you were lied to. It doesn’t matter if you think there was a connection between Sadam and Al-Qaeda. The only thing that matters now is that both Al-Qaeda and Iran and the terrorist groups they back and inspire believe that Iraq is their decisive battle. They have chosen it as the place where they will defeat America, and unlike the Viet Cong, they will not stay put. They will follow us home.

Bush opponents like to quote the National Intelligence Assessment which stated that America has been made less safe because its involvement in Iraq has become a recruiting aid for terrorists. That is of course true. But those same people ignore the flip side of that equation, which the National Intelligence Assessment made equally clear. If the Al Qaeda and Iranian backed terrorists win in Iraq they will be further encouraged in their war against us. If they are defeated, then the defeat will go heavy with them; and we will indeed be the beneficiaries.

To put it in its simplest terms, we can quit the battle field but the battle field will not quit us.

It is a powerful reminder of what we are facing and I ask everyone to read it all.