Friday, February 11, 2005

Lynne Stewart, Jordon, Gannon and Whiney Dems

For one of the most detailed looks at the Lynne Stewart conviction and history, New Sisyphus has done a yeomans job as usual.

Today, Fox News used that term to describe "veteran civil rights lawyer" Lynne Stewart. A prominent left-wing lawyer, one of the early members of the hard-left National Lawyer's Guild, an early supporter and backer of one of America's worst domestic terrorist groups in its history, the Weather Underground, somehow she always was able to pass herself off as simply a person committed to civil rights. During the Cold War, conservatives had to work overtime to unmask supporters of Communism and other totalitarian ideologies since their supporters so often took cover in the Constitution they also sought to destroy. Today, that work continues.

Of course, Stewart was no more committed to civil rights than hard-left NGOs are committed to human rights. It's just a grand sounding cover for the work they do, since "violent anti-American" just doesn't sound so hot on a nice fund-raising letter. Plus, it gets you a lot of gullible supporters, usually of college age. (There is a reason Noam Chomsky's core audience is perpetually 24 years old.)

Betsy Newmark at Betsys Page point us to an article by John Podhoretz in the NYP
Read the whole thing and be sure to check out Powerline and their take on this icon of Marxist thought.

The Eason Jordon train keeps on rolling within the blogosphere and now the MSM is to the point it cannot continue to ignore it. When two Dem Senators like Frank and Dodd are upset, it is icing on the cake. Jordan Central is at Easongate here and here.
The whole site is dedicated to the Jordon affair.

Captain Ed points to the devolution into whiney three year old acting Democrats in his "He's touching me Mommy" post. He has a point and makes it well.

The apparent non story of Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert is covered very well at both Powerline and by Bill at INDC Journal.