Monday, February 07, 2005

Crossing Jordan

Having been away from the keyboard for some time due to such various things as sloth and a gut wrenching stomach flu (too much information, huh?) I have been derelect in posting. I have been keeping up on the Eason Jordan story and what appears to be the next impending demise of a news media figure and a few more shovelfulls of dirt from the hole that the MSM seems to keep digging for themselves. The long knives are out in force in the blogosphere and the same old story is playing itself out. Coverup, back pedaling, obfuscation and denial is still not working and indeed seems to be making the matter worse for CNN and its news director. Sound familiar?

For those that want the inside scoop on this latest scandal, and Jordans past transgressions, check out the big guns in the blog world, Captainsquarters, Powerline, and the Fourth Rail among others. In fact Bill Roggio along with other bloggers has created a group blog to cover this subject and he has e-mailed me to say that there is a lot of information coming in. Michelle Malkin has been in touch with Barney Frank and he has given his first hand report on what was and was not said at Davos. All sites have multiple entries about this so I linked to the sites instead of individual posts. Scroll away.

So much other stuff, so little time.