Friday, September 24, 2004

lgf: democracy, whisky, sexy!

lgf: democracy, whisky, sexy!: "First John Kerry attacks Iraqi PM Allawi.
Then Kerry supporters Hizballah pile on: Iraq P.M.?s Handshake With Israel F.M. ?shameful?, Says Hezbollah.
BEIRUT, Sept 24 (AFP) - Lebanese militant group Hezbollah described as ?shameful? Friday a handshake between Iraq?s US-backed prime minister and the Israeli foreign minister at the United Nations in New York.
?The behaviour of the Iraqi interim prime minister is shameful and a flagrant sign of one of the main reasons behind the American-led war against Iraq, that is, get Iraq out of the Arab and Islamic worlds and put it under the influence of American-Zionist policy,? the Shiite militia said.
Prime Minister Iyad Allawi and Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom had a brief exchange at the UN General Assembly on Tuesday, where the Iraqi and Israeli delegations had been placed next to each other, in alphabetical order.
?We refuse this handshake which is a complete humiliation for Iraq?s people, its history, its culture and its Islamic and national engagement, and which, at the same time, makes little of the suffering of the Palestinian people and the feelings of Arabs and Muslims around the world,? the Hezbollah statement said."