Monday, September 27, 2004

Good News From Iraq

Another in an excellent series on some of the things we don't get from the mainstream media, by Arthur Chrenkoff. It is in part published at Opinion Journal and is well worth the read as well as is his blog. This is 11th in a series. It is in direct contradiction of what is being touted in the MSM such as "NewsWeek" .
Iraqi Prime Minister Iyad Allawi echoed these sentiments recently when he spoke before the United States Congress: "I have seen some of the images that are being shown here on television. They are disturbing. They focus on the tragedies, such as the brutal and barbaric murder of two American hostages this week... Yet, as we mourn these losses, we must not forget either the progress we are making or what is at stake in Iraq. We are fighting for freedom and democracy, ours and yours. Every day, we strengthen the institutions that will protect our new democracy, and every day, we grow in strength and determination to defeat the terrorists and their barbarism."

There are two Iraqs at the moment; both equally real and consequential. The Iraq of never ending strife - the insurgency, terrorism, crime, and all too slow pace of reconstruction makes for interesting news stories and exciting footage. The Iraq of steady recovery, returning normalcy and a dash of hope rarely does...Chrenkoff