Friday, June 15, 2007

Crossing the Rubicon for the GOP

The Republican Party along with the President has sold out the conservatives that are concerned with security for the amnesty crowd. Instead of representing 76+ percent of the American people in this Amnesty bill, they are ignoring us and with such obvious disdain, actually have the hubris to insult us. Ted Kennedy says that it is too complicated for the people to understand and the rest of the leadership, especially on the Republican side of the aisle concurs. From Trent "porkbarrel" Lott, to Lindsey Graham, McCain, McConnell and many others in the leadership. Do they think that stiffing the electorate will get them re-elected? Sure didn't work last time and this coming election may prove to be an unmitigated disaster. They may indeed be crossing the Rubicon with this bill. This is not about right vs left or Democrats vs Republicans. This is about the conflict between the public and the political class. It crosses party lines and is one of the few things that Americans agree on. 76 percent agreement on anything is not something one sees often and the Congressional leadership and the President are still in the full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes mindset of saying "screw you America".

This bill is rotten to the core. It does not matter how many spices you add to tainted meat, it is still tainted meat. Throw it out and start over. Just one small aspect of this bill, and there are many as bad, is the idea that they are going to do full background check on the illegal aliens in 24 hours. That is ludicrous on its face. Does anyone think that we are stupid enough to believe that? Apparently they do. Check out what the Washington Post has to say about this in dealing with legal immigrants.

Since 2005, the backlog of legal U.S. immigrants whose applications for naturalization and other benefits are stuck on hold awaiting FBI name checks has doubled to 329,160, prompting a flood of lawsuits in federal courts, bureaucratic finger-pointing in Washington and tough scrutiny by 2008 presidential candidates...
About 90 percent of name checks, officials say, emerge with no matches within three months, after an automated search of databases. But the remaining 10 percent can take months or years, as 30 analysts and assistants must coordinate with 56 field offices and retrieve files stored in 265 locations nationwide
And they want us to believe that employers etal will get background checks on 12 million illegal aliens within 24 hours.

Michelle Malkin has an excellent overview of just how ridiculous that is.

*The backlog of 600,000-plus fugitive deportee cases.

*The backlog of 4 million immigration applications of all kinds.

*The backlog of an estimated 100,000 FBI background checks for legal immigrant applicants.

*The disappearance of 111,000 citizenship applications.

And that is just one small part of this Amnesty fiasco bill. Not even the worst part. It is even now taking 6 to 17 months for American Citizens to get a freaking passport. Your government efficiency in action.