Monday, May 21, 2007

Congressional Priorities

The Senate is ready to start debate on the thousand page bill that is not even fully written, few details are available, only the rough draft summary.The are anxious to ram this through without the usual oversight and debate. Why? They don't want anybody to know what is really in the bill, knowing it will not survive the light of day. It will devastate our border security, open the country to a further deluge in illegal immigrants in order to line up for the new Z visa (a joke in itself) and will over a period of time cost this country trillions, not billions, in social services, and future welfare and social security burdens. Out schools systems, hospitals and other institutions are already at the breaking point and then add millions more to the immigrant pool and you are looking at disaster. Our Medicare, Medicaid programs are already in serious trouble with the additional burden of millions more flooding our borders. Not to mention the security failure of allowing possible terrorists in our porous borders. Yet the Congress must pass this bill before the Memorial Day break.

Contrast this rush to pass this bill with the funding of our troops with a clean supplemental. 100 days and counting. 124 billion proposed including 25 billion of pork bribes to pass a bill they knew would be vetoed. We have men and women in harms way, sent by the very same lawmakers who are now play political games of gotcha in a game of brinksmanship. Both instances are shameful and one hell of a way to run a country. I would like to say that we deserve better but we are the ones who voted these clowns into office and stand here just shaking our heads. People seem to be more interested in American Idol or what Rosie is going to say next. There is a saying that I vaguely remember abou the only thing worse than apathy is fanatical apathy.