Monday, May 09, 2005

Connecting Dots

What do Paul Volcker, the UN Oil for Food scandal, the Canadian Adscam and Bill Clinton have connecting them? I am glad you asked.

  • Paul Volcker served on the Board of Directors for Power Corporation, one of Canadas largest companies of which Maurice Strong is a past President.
  • Paul Martin, Canadian PM is owner of Canadian Steamship Lines Group Ltd. CSL Group Ltd is a part owner of Cordex Petroleum, owned by MauriceStrong and son Fred. Maurice Strong admitted that Tongsun Park, a Korean named by US Federal authorities as being an illegal Iraqi agent invested in Cordex, the company Strong and his son own, in 1997.
  • The one million dollars (US) came from Saddam Hussein through Park to Cordex. The Company is being investigated by the UN Oil for Food Independent Inquiry Committee headed by Paul Volcker.
  • Two investigators working for the UN committee have resigned and have stated their reason as Koffi Annans corruption is being untruthfully minimized and because of what they see as a whitewash. One of the investigators, lawyer Robert Parton has given the US House International Relations Committee headed my Henry Hyde material gleaned from his investigation following a subpoena by the committee. Parton has retained as his counsel, Lanny Davis, former White House Council to Bill Clinton.
  • Paul Volcker, former U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman and currently head of the UN Independent Inquiry Committeee, appointed by Kofi Annan.He apparently is neither independent nor uninvoled personally in the Oil for Food scandal. He was a past Board of Director member of Power Coporation.
  • Paul Martin, Prime Minister of Canada, owner of CSL GroupLtd. and investor in Cordex Petroleum, a company started with one million dollars from Saddam Hussein. Intimately involved in Canada's Adscam scandal and with close ties to Maurice Strong. Started Canadian Steamship Lines with lauch by Paul Desmarias's Powerline Corporation.
  • Maurice Strong is a story unto himself. Henry Lamb gives us a good look at Mr. Strong in a biography written in 1997. Another very good look at this man is from Ronald Bailey in the National Review Sept. 1, 1997. In the first paragraph of this excellent article, Baily set the tone.
  • The survival of civilization in something like its present form might depend significantly on the efforts of a single man," declared The New Yorker. The New York Times hailed that man as the "Custodian of the Planet." He is perpetually on the short list of candidates for Secretary General of the United Nations. This lofty eminence? Maurice Strong, of course. Never heard of him? Well, you should have. Militia members are famously worried that black helicopters are practicing maneuvers with blue-helmeted UN troops in a plot to take over America. But the actual peril is more subtle. A small cadre of obscure international bureaucrats are hard at work devising a system of "global governance" that is slowly gaining control over ordinary Americans' lives. Maurice Strong, a 68-year-old Canadian, is the "indispensable man" at the center of this creeping UN power grab.

  • Mr. Volcker's March report on Kofi Annan and Kojo Annan failed to mention that the younger Annan had served on the board of directors of a now-defunct company, Air Harbour Technologies, first alongside the U.N. secretary-general's special adviser, Maurice Strong, and then alongside an adviser for U.N. oil-for-food contractor, Cotecna Inspections. Mr. Strong has taken leave from his U.N. job until information about some of his own business connections can be clarified, part of a tangle arising from a federal bribery complaint issued last month and related to oil for food.

    Lanny Davis, former White House Council and still the Clintons lawyer is interested in the demise of Annan because Bill Clinton is being touted by him, Madelaine Albright and others for the Sec. General job after Annan and Clinton has stated that he wants the job.