Thursday, April 07, 2005

Bad Idea

In answer to a commentor who said that she comments one time and I quit blogging, I'm back In order to make a political statement, I decided to have every other front tooth removed to better fit the stereotype of a Red State Republican. I was drinking at the time and it sounded good. The problem happened when I did not check out the dentist as to her political leanings. The gas was oxygen only, the shots were saline and the tool used for removal was a pair of rusty CeeTee pliers. After this experience I decided to forgo the arm lengthening procedure to knuckle dragging proportions. I have decided, since now being drug free for almost a week to also cut back on the alcohol consumption. I don't think that last decision will make it a week but it's like a New Years Resolution.

The Captain seems to have done a yeomans job of pissing off the Canadian Government and shining the light of day on a bunch of roaches. He along with others should be applauded. I shall be back with a vengeance tommorrow with more links and good stuff. Now I think I'll go get a beer.